Andy_Warhol_Hans Christian Andersen_colour.gif Andy_Warhol_2women around a tree_colour.gif Andy_Warhol_Pjerrot_colour.gif Andy_Warhol_Millerman_colour.gif  Color
Andy_Warhol_Hans Christian Andersen.gif Andy_Warhol_2women around a tree.gif Andy_Warhol_Pjerrot.gif Andy_Warhol_Millerman.gif Graphic
Hans Christian Andersen  2 women
around a tree
Pjerrot with swans and buildings Miller with dancing girl and the sandman  
Andy Warhol created - just before he died in 1987 - two portfolios, inspired by the Danish fairy teller Hans Christian Andersen and his paper-cuts.
Based on a large number of Trial Proofs (96,5 x 96,5 cm), printed on Lenox Museum Board the final portfolios were decided and printed in limited editions of 25 each.
Only few Trial Proofs were saved and now some of these unique prints are for sale - please see below.
The Trial Proofs are available at Art & Photo, Denmark    
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